Why is Coconut Wax better for burning and breathing?

Who doesn’t enjoy coming home after a long day, putting on comfy clothes, and pairing their favorite candle with some relaxing music? Better yet who doesn’t love a clean-burning candle? What good is a nice scent if it toxifies the air in your home? Candles have been used for 1,000s of years for ceremonial traditions as well as for household décor. Recent studies have proven different candle waxes to have different benefits, making certain waxes better for different types of candles. Alani & Renee candles are here to provide a vibe for healthy relaxation, not add toxins to your home. Our candles are made with that concept in mind.


At Alani & Renee, we’ve been making candles for close to five years. Through careful research, we've sourced the best waxes for our candles, cultivating natural and safe scents that promote self-care. Our choice to use coconut wax is based on the eco-friendly characteristics and benefits for both you as the customer and the quality of the air. While coconut wax candles may be more expensive in price, the positive effects for your household as well as for the rest of the world are considerable.


Coconut wax candles are more environmentally friendly than any other type of wax and are the only wax to be both good for the environment while still maintaining quality burn. All waxes will produce some soot, but coconut wax produces the least.


We all love candles with long burn times. Coconut wax candles on average burned hours longer than other waxes. This makes the increased price of coconut wax candles worth it. Where a regular candle last only a few days of long burning, coconut wax candles last much longer. Along with longer shelf-lives, coconut candles are smoke-free.


Coconut wax meshes well with fragrances, providing better scent quality. That’s the whole reason we buy candles, right? For the smell. Candles made with coconut wax not only emit stronger scents while being burned but even when cool they give off stronger scents.


What about the other waxes?


Some candle companies use blends of different waxes. As mentioned previously, coconut wax can be considerably more expensive which explains why some companies use blends such as coconut wax and beeswax. However, to not compromise quality, Alani & Renee Candles are made with 100% all-natural coconut wax.


Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. In 2009 The University of Southern Carolina released findings from a study, stating that paraffin wax was harmful. The study revealed that when burned, paraffin wax emitted the chemicals toluene and benzene which are both linked to asthma and lung cancer. These claims have been countered by many groups, stating that it would take years and mass amounts of exposure for a person to be affected. However, those counter-arguments do not take into account all the other toxins a person may inhale throughout their daily lives and how they may work in concert with the toxin emitted from candles in personal spaces. Why invite those same toxins into our homes with a candle?


As a replacement for paraffin wax, soy wax has been widely accepted by many candle makers and buyers alike. Soy wax derives from soybeans. Naturally, it sounds like the better option. It burns longer and holds fragrance better than paraffin wax. The argument against soy wax stems from the fact that it is a crop. Soybeans are more likely to be subject to genetic modifications, exposure to pesticides, or could result in forest-clearing. Making soy wax a danger to the environment.


Some candle makers have taken to using beeswax which is neither eco-friendly nor sustainable. Beeswax is considered healthy and easy to find. Like coconut wax, beeswax also has a smokeless burn, however, it is sourced straight from the honeycombs of bees, which are currently endangered. Alani & Renee candles believe in animal and insect-free harvested of materials. No beeswax is a no brainer for us.


With the combination of our toxin-free fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and 100% organic coconut wax, Alani & Renee candles offer a superior blend that will provide the perfect aroma in your home. Get the relaxation of the candles without having to worry about bringing toxins around you and your family. To stay updated on the latest candles developments, subscribe to our blog below. 


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